Marine Consultancy

Environmental Survey Planning

Effective pre-survey planning is essential to ensure that surveys are conducted in a way which maximises their acceptability to the regulatory bodies. EcoScout Limited is happy to provide expert advice at the survey planning stage. We have a thorough understanding of environmental regulations and survey techniques. Staff maintain active membership of a number of professional bodes, and devote a significant proportion of their time to private reading, which helps to ensure that their knowledge is fully up to date. We are also happy to liaise with regulatory bodies and providers of services on behalf of Clients.

Environmental Baseline and Habitat Surveys

Our staff have a great deal of experience in all aspects of offshore environmental survey, from interpretation of side scan sonar and bathymetric data for survey planning, to carrying out sampling and reporting on field operations.

We are familiar with all major sediment sampling devices in current use, as well as a wide range of underwater video and photography equipment, water samplers, multiparameter probes and plankton nets.

Marine Mammal Observation

EcoScout is able to offer fully trained and highly experienced marine mammal observers (MMOs) for seismic, pile-driving or any other offshore operations requiring dedicated MMOs. Our MMOs are full members of the Marine Mammal Observers Association (see links section), a non-profit global affiliation dedicated to continuous improvement of standards within the industry, giving you the assurance that our personnel are recognised as competent professionals. All staff are fully trained in current JNCC (Joint Nature Conservation Committee) approved MMO techniques, as well as BOEMRE (Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement) Protected Species Observer techniques.

As part of the service offered by EcoScout, our staff will produce high-quality field reports and maintain and handle all necessary communication with the relevant regulators.

Client Representatives for Environmental Surveys

Our Client Representatives are environmental scientists themselves, and so bring a level of knowledge and insight to supervision of environmental survey operations than non-specialist Client Representatives cannot provide. They can ensure that sampling is conducted in a thorough and scientifically rigorous manner, safely and efficiently. They maintain constant communication with Clients, and are happy to liaise with relevant regulators and service providers, as necessary.

Environmental Survey Reporting

Following completion of an environmental survey, it is necessary to produce a survey report. EcoScout Limited interpret survey data and produce Environmental Baseline and Habitat Reports to Clients, either for surveys they have been involved with, or other surveys, on provision of necessary data.

Reports are clear, concise, and include graphical illustrations and statistical analysis throughout. Executive summaries are also included, which avoid, as far as possible, technical jargon, making them accessible to the non-specialist reader.